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One of the biggest reasons for the growth of Vilonia over the last few years is the outstanding public school system that is in place. Serving approximately 3,000 students in southeast Faulkner County, the Vilonia School District is progressive yet traditional values and discipline.


The schools offer a safe environment where students can concentrate on academics and activities. The school district is the major employer of the community and is central location for many community activities. Once of the districts most valuable resources is community support. Also, partnerships exist with the University of Central Arkansas and Arkansas Tech University to offer students an opportunity to take college courses for credit.


The Vilonia School District Board of Education mission is to endeavor to support the educational programs of its elementary and secondary schools and, in cooperation with the community, will provide affordable opportunity to ensure students the skills and knowledge to prepare them for a successful future and lifelong learning.


The Vilonia Early Childhood Learning Center serves about 184 children ages infant to five. The campus employs 25 full-time staff, including six certified teachers. Activities include a music program and physical education program. The Vilonia School District Parent Center provides several opportunities throughout the year for family enrichment activities. Each day the center has volunteer staff that provides numerous services to the children. The center offers extended day hours for working parents. Eagles Landing is a childcare program for kindergartners through 12-year-olds that operated at the Vilonia Elementary and Vilonia Primary campuses, year round. Students do homework, can visit a computer lab and library, participate in physical education, and go on field trips.


The district offers outstanding programs for special needs students as well as young people with interest in vocational education, gifted and talented, and music. The district has one of the largest and most recognized band programs in the state with more than 700 participants. The district has a full-time resource officer who is a Vilonia city policeman and has other officers available at activies. Their presence is designed to establish a respect for law and law enforcement and to establish a preventive rather than reactive approach.

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